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Wheel Straightening

At PW Motorsport we offer wheel straightening service with latest technology, which uses hydraulic pressure and customised tools and metallurgical skill to straighten aluminum alloy to factory specifications.

This process takes normally between 20-30 minutes per wheel. We can reliably straighten forged, and cast alloy wheels.

Most of the domestic cars use alloy wheels which are lighter and stronger, but still not resistant enough to UK potholed roads.

We can straighten steel wheels as well, however we find that most steel wheels are cheaper to replace than to apply wheel straightening.

We strive to check the replacement cost of steel wheels to ensure that our customers know the alternatives available when choosing whether to straighten or to replace their wheels.


Signs of bend or buckled wheels:

  • Vibration on the steering wheel
  • Uneven wear of your tyres
  • Air leak if damage is substantial

Buckled or bend wheels cause:

  • Excessive wear of suspension and steering components
  • Uneven wear and finally damage to you tyres
  • Uncomfortable vehicle ride and steering discomfort due to steering and chassis vibration
  • Air leak
  • Badly buckled wheels might cause MOT failure

Straightening prices per wheel:

  • 13"-18" wheels size £25.00
  • 19"-22" wheels size £30.00
  • If shipping requerd £10.00 fee would apply per wheel (within UK Mainland).


For no obligation check or to book your car to straighten your wheels please contact us on 01437563929.




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